Sunday, June 7, 2015

Winter’s Over: Time to Store your Trusty Snow Blowers for Next Winter

Warmer weather and blooming flowers and trees could only mean one thing: spring has sprung and you can bid your snow woes goodbye. Now that winter is over, it’s time to bring out your gardening equipment, including your lawn mower, as you store away your trusty snow blowers and shovels. Take heed, however; if you don’t store your snow blower properly, it might not work properly the next time you use it. Check out these simple ways that you can do before storage. An ounce of prevention against rust and damage is worth a pound (and more) saved in repair costs. Drying out the Engine If your blower has fuel in its engine, there are two ways you can empty its content. First, you can siphon out as much fuel as you can, and then run your blower until it dries out. A dry engine helps avoid the effects of ethanol corrosion that can damage the blower’s engine.

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